Award Winning Purveyance Branding

Nigel Morrison, Creative Media Illustrates The Purveyance Branding

Nigel Morrison, Creative Media, the author of the awarded design Nigel Morrison, Creative Media's Purveyance Branding explicates, The intention of this piece was to create a brand for an innovative tracking and payment system for fruit suppliers. The brand needed to symbolise freshness and quality while being adaptable into a wide range of brand uses on- and offline. The logo perfectly reflects the research, colours, keywords etc identified in the process, and is unmistakably modern, corporate and fruit based, while remaining friendly and approachable. The slogan is reflective of the fact that this brand and the app will accompany the produce throughout it’s journey from the stage of picking through to arrival in store..

Award Winning Purveyance Branding Images:


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